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International Cooperation Division

I. Personnel structure:
1. Head of Division​
​- Full name: Bui Thi To
- Tel.: 0251. 3842 596/ 0251.3842 048
- Email:
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II. Function and duties:

- Implementing Party diplomacy: composing directive documents, thematic resolutions, programs, plans and projects for external activities of the Provincial Party Committee; advise thoroughly and implement guidelines, policies and regulations related to foreign affairs of the Party and the State; monitoring and urging the implementation of fo​reign affairs policies of the Party Committee, the implementation of the Party diplomacy activities in accordance with the directions, guidelines and programs approved by the Provincial Party Committee.

- Acting as a counselor to build, organize the implementation of cooperation and international integration plans, the projects of establishing the province's friendship and cooperation with foreign partners, and report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as prescribed.

- Carrying out the economic diplomacy, developing and implementing external activities programs to serve the province's socio-economic development; supporting the implementation of duties on promotion in fields of trade, investment, tourism, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of foreign economic organizations.

- Carrying out the cultural diplomacy, developing and implementing programs and action plans to implement the Cultural Diplomacy Strategy; organizing foreign cultural events in the province to introduce, promote the image, people and local culture to foreign countries.

- Counseling the organization and management of international conferences and seminars under the approval Decision of Chair of Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee.

- Counseling the State management on the signing and implementation of international agreements in the province; monitoring and urging the implementation of signed agreements; reporting and asking for the guidance of competent authorities on matters arising in the signing and implementation of international agreements in the province.

- Performing state management over activities of foreign non-governmental organizations in the province; advising and handling dossiers of application for grant, extension, amendment, supplementation and revocation of registration papers and other activities of foreign non-governmental organizations in the province; guiding and supporting foreign non-governmental organizations in terms of procedures and in surveying, elaborating and executing donor projects according to law provisions; inspecting and supervising activities of organizations and staff working for foreign non-governmental organizations in the province and report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Committee for foreign non-governmental organization affairs as prescribed.

- Conducting Control State management on people to people diplomacy of the Provincial Union of Friendship Organizations and State management of activities of the Provincial Union of Friendship Organizations’ members.

- Formulating and organizing the implementation of programs on fostering knowledge and professionalism of foreign affairs for officials and public employees in the province.

- Sponsoring the protocol ceremony and logistics for provincial delegations to visit and work abroad; organizing the implementation of foreign affairs protocol, welcoming foreign delegations to visit and work with provincial leaders; presiding over and advising the work related to the condolences/greetings to foreign organizations and individuals.

- The External Information affair manages the activities of foreign press correspondents, the website of the Department of External Relations.

- Performing other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.



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